Weeks 8 + 9 – Documentation of project experiments and tests

For weeks 8 + 9 we were allocated times to present our iterations of the project to our peers and teachers. This was in place so that we could receive feedback that would help inform the development of our project. We were allocated week 8, in which we set up the following iteration of project.

We received an array of feedback in the presentation listed below:

VISUAL – Face Morphing software? Not sure because it might take away from the essence of the work. Stick to splitting.

PRESENTATION – TV Screens? Need to start now because it will split the faces and create a different sensation to the videos.

SOUND – We had no audio to play for the audience but received some advice that we should potentially not include sound, instead choosing solely to focus on faces and identity. We still we will include sound but might just have a disorientating temporal soundtrack.