Week 12 – Project Progress Documentation

Over the previous weeks of presenting our iterations, we have received numerous feedback of how we can focus and better our project. One of the comments made was the use of a black shirt for individuals being filmed, creating a visually appealing effect of a head isolated in darkness. With this weeks development, we made sure all those filmed were wearing black shirts to ensure this effect was consistant throughout the video.

Our previous iteration of the work was lacking in professionalism of lighting and focus of frame. This weeks filming we decided to create a better atmosphere of light, with two purposefully placed light stands at either side of the filmed individual to ensure the face was properly exposed. We complimented this with the upgrading of cameras, allowing for a more lifelike image that tricks the viewer into the normality of a floating head, only for the surrealism with the separation of the faces to throw them off.

Another comment made was that we needed more contrast in movements between the two sides of the face. To reach this effect, we got each individual to sit motionless on a chair facing the camera, changing their facial expressions ever so slightly throughout the recording. In editing these recordings together we were able to get an uncanny contrast of movements between the two sides of faces, making the video more appealing to watch. We decided to attempt a new editing style of splitting, using a pealing motion of the faces. This effect resulted in the creation of a human like flower that furthered the uncanniness of the peice.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 2.56.33 PM.png

To enforce the concept of multiple personalility’s we opted to investigate the adding of sound to the piece in the form of poetry. The poem we chose was Robert Frosts “The Road Not Taken” which explored the duality of decisions and the regret or elation that can come from following certain paths. Rather than just playing a recording of the poem, we decided to adapt it by having it read by multiple voices and played from surrounding speakers to support the video.

Week 11 – Project Progress Documentation

The above video is our first iteration of filming and editing footage to create the splitting of faces and personality. Using the black box, we set up two light stands and a camera, where we then filmed each member of the group’s portrait. We then began editing the footage using Final Cut Pro, constructing motion paths for each side of the individuals face, creating the effect that the faces are splitting. This effect was used to represent a persons decision and choice in all aspects of life.

We received a number of different comments of feedback which is listed below:

  • Visuals are good, but need to be slower and contain more movement to make it more appealing
  • Lighting is very good
  • Sound is still an issue. Not certain about the train of thought idea as it is too broad and not particularly satisfying or interesting. Maybe we will look at the ‘Global Language’ which was recommended to us.
  • The actual split of the faces in the video editing needs to be more interesting. Looking to create a tearing effect.
  • Use of a black t-shirt for each individual would look good as it creates the effect that their head is not attached to their body.

Week 10 – Site Visitor Report


This week’s class was moved to building 25 on main campus. The purpose behind this was for a site visit of the space that the grad show is being held at. To begin we were given a quick brief by Jo on the in’s and out’s of the show. Following this, a coordinator of the event gave us a tour of the various spaces on offer to present our works. On the tour there were a couple of spaces that our group believed would be suitable for our single screen project.

The first location was the black space. This space would be ideal for our work with there already being a projector bracketed to the roof, as well as it being a dark space, allowing for the projection to be enhanced. We thought that this space would be highly contested however, so kept an open mind to other spaces on the tour.

The second location that we thought would be good was the doorway near the entrance of the exhibition. This space we would set up a large, white screen in which we would project onto from the rear. Rear projection would be suitable in creating a cleaner, more immersive work those coming to see the exhibition. We did however believe that the addition of sound to our peice would potentially be drowned out by those walking down the hallways, or potentially lost to the connecting corridors.