Reflection of my growth as a blogger

Upon beginning BCM110, I was not too pleased as well as pretty darn scared when I learned the knowledge that we must complete a blog on a weekly basis. My negative view on this was from the basis that I had no knowledge whatsoever on how to complete or structure a blog. It was to my later knowledge after completing my first blog, that the blogging was in fact, not so bad. My weeks in 110 have actually turned out to be very enjoyable, from attending very informative lectures with Sue, all the way to getting involved in group chats in tutorials.

Over the 6 weeks in BCM110, we explored many different aspects of the medias, inducing topics such as :

– What is the media blamed for

– Who owns the media

– Semiotics and the study of images

– Corporate paedophillia

– Mediated Public Sphere

Each of these topics covered in the subject were very thought provoking. Each topic allowed us a lot of room to follow topics in which we were interested in. I found it great that I could express my views on each of the questions asked of me from the lecture by linking it to current articles within media today. I personally found the semiotics topic to be the most interesting for me. It was interesting to look past a plain advertisement in seek of the context behind it.

Through reading through other blogs of my peers, I was able to improve my learning and knowledge on each topic. This was done by seeing their ideas and sources that they used in answering the question.

The Religious side of Fashion

The Religious side of Fashion

Societies conflicting opinions, or better known as controversy, is constantly circulating throughout the world of mass media, sparking disputes and debates on many controversial topics such as politics, religion and sex. An international fashion company which succeeded in attracting much unwanted scrutiny was ‘Marithe and Francois Girbaud’, for its contentious ad campaign, ‘Last Supper’. This French Fashion Company released their ‘Last Supper’ advertisement in 2005, hoping to successfully publicize their new men and women’s clothing line. This was to no prevail, only provoking criticism from many religious viewers. The reason to the advertisements distasteful reaction from viewers, was due to the company’s recreation of Leonard Da Vinci’s painting ‘The Last Supper’. While the ad campaign signified this religious artwork, the denotation of it was to commercialise fashion. This was unseen by religious critics who claim that the image “offends the religious sensibilities of all citizens” (Ads of the World 2005). This offence was a result of the image “trivialising the Last Supper where Christ anticipates his crucifixion in order to liberate humanity from their sins” (Ads of the World 2005).

Through this image, it was claimed by the company that they had aimed to empower women through the positioning of the lone male in a state of ‘fragility’. This was purposeful in depicting women as having ‘sexual equality’ with men (Ads of the World 2005). This was overlooked by most viewers due to the connotations of the image being misled for promoting a message to the audience, that ‘fashion is a religion’. This perception caused much dispute within multiple countries, in which many of them deciding that the advertisement should be banned from the public domain. Although ‘Marithe and Francois Girbaud’ took on a satirical recreation of ‘The Last Supper’, the controversy still alludes that the company attempted to boost commercial product sales through the linking of religious symbols.


Ads of the World, Marithe & Francois Girbaud: Last supper, Available at: (Accessed: 24th March 2014).

Me, Myself and I

Hello fellow bloggers.

My name is Tommy Carroll…and I am a blogging newbie. I have been staring at my computer screen for a total of 43mins now, just pondering how I introduce myself to this online community. The thought crossed my mind to introduce myself as one of the following; Lion Tamer, World Spelling Bee Champion, a Philosopher, Turtle breeder or Guinness World Record Holder for staring competitions, but didn’t think that I would be convincing enough to pull it off. So here is the real me. 

I am from a small town called Bowral. For those who are not familiar with Bowral, it is the town that Australia’s cricketing legend, Sir Donald Bradman, was born and raised. I attended a high school in Bowral called Oxley College, in which I graduated from in 2012. Deciding that I was not ready physically and mentally for uni, I chose to go on a gap year for the duration of 2013. On this gap year I worked and lived in a school just outside of London, as well as successful traveled most of Europe. This brings me to the present day, where I am studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media at UOW, along with living at Campus East trenches.

A couple of delightful facts about me,

1. I am absolutely fascinated with basketball, I think this fascination was brought along by my extreme height of 6 foot 7.

2. I am freaked out by low ceilings and door frames, I think this also bought on by this extreme height of mine.

3. I am always up for a chat, so feel free to approach and talk about what ever takes your fancy. 

This is a little insight on myself. If this sample was not enough for you please do message or comment, and I will give you a more detailed recount of my life. 

Yours Truly,

Tom Carroll