Thomas Carroll – Cine-roman Project

In the early stages of this assignment, I sought inspiration from William Gibson’s twitter feed, stumbling across the following tweet:

William Gibson


RT @ellouis: ‘Shutter Island’ is awesome. My brain went ‘plonk’. [Top of my list. Actually, *all* of my list!]


It was this tweet that I began the basis of my Cine-roman project. The movie in which Gibson is talking about is Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, ‘Shutter Island’, in which explores the concept of the impossibility of getting over guilt and the psychological effect that has on a schizophrenic. I wanted to encapsulate this notion of a schizophrenic, focusing on the ability of a schizophrenics mind to be able to control the individual in a twisted way.

I decided to utilise a split screen effect, with the individual being on the left, and their mind on the right. The video goes on to illustrate the slow progression of the mind twisting the individual to believe and do its uncharacteristic and distorted ways. I used various techniques such as fades, use of black to symbolise passing time, rhythm of images in conjunction with sound, cuts, and repetition.

Tom Carroll – Assignment 2 – The Uncanny

Google definitions define ‘Uncanny’ as strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way (2015). I attempted to encapsulate this idea of the uncanny within my photography through the use of various camera techniques. Upon beginning this assignment I began researching a number of artists works in search of inspiration.  During this research I found Guy Sherwin’s work of the ‘Man with Mirror’. His work incorporated projected film onto a mirror in which he moved in various ways to create visual echoes being reflected across the room. I wanted to take this idea of reflection, and turn it uncanny through distortion of ones own reflection.

I decided to experiment with various photographic techniques that conjure up the idea of uncanny. Two techniques that I payed close attention to were ‘shutter speed’ and ‘exposure’. Through the use of shutter speed adjustment, I was able to distort the mirrors reflection with movement. Exposure was used to enhance the photos quality, also adding to distortion of the mirrors reflection. My aim in my photography was to instil the ideas of possession, self image and the feeling of being watched.


Distorted Reflection

Distorted ReflectionFourDistorted ReflectionDistorted Reflection

MEDA101 Sound Project

Authority is defined as ‘the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience’ (Google Definitions, 2014). I aimed to reflect this power within my piece in the form of ‘authority of the mind over the body’, in particular, the brains power over the body when danger is presented to the host, called the ‘Fight or Flight Response’

From my research on this response, I found that the brain has a unique control over the body when danger is near, sending out signals of action and producing adrenaline to the body.

I have gone for a linear narrative structure, of a women coming across danger on her walk home from a night out. The first segment of this piece holds underlying themes of authority of gender, with the women making a uneducated decision to walk home, reflected in the laughter. The last segment goes into the brains decision-making process using the sounds of a typewriter, distorted voice to reinforce the danger and a increasing heart beat representing the adrenaline. I aim for the audience to compare their experiences with the fight or flight response to my piece.